Welcome to Training Them Live!

Welcome To Training Them Live!

An important announcement...

After many years of amazing and proud achievements, we have regretfully decided to close the project down. Training Them Live started nearly a decade ago and though we are sad to leave it behind we are comforted by the knowledge that it has helped so many young people to find their futures, build their confidence and reach their potential. The early days of the project had simple aims of tackling antisocial behaviour but as it evolved, developed a wealth of exciting strands fuelled by both the brilliant talents of the young people we worked with and also the army of adult supporters and volunteers. Under Siege, Rock Schools, TTLgigs and TTLmedia have all given so many valuable vocational experiences to hundreds of young people.

Since starting the project, we have always maintained our ethos of being the metaphoric swan as a team of Directors, ensuring that we deal with the adversity whilst the young people enjoy the opportunities that are on offer; making it look effortless. It has been hugely challenging to maintain a steady swan whilst the waters have become more and more choppy. As a volunteer organisation, delivering an effective operation whilst offering a high quality experience for young people requires a capacity that we can no longer guarantee. We’ve been quick to reinvent ourselves when needed and keep ahead of the game as the landscape of funding and politics has changed; this has kept us successful for a number of years. We believe that a job should be done well and we are not prepared to compromise the quality we have grown to expect as each of our own personal circumstances limit our ability to commit as we would need.

We’d like to thank the countless volunteers who have given up many hours of their own time to ensure the next generation get the best possible chances. The achievements of Training Them Live are bound to the selfless individuals who give up their time because they genuinely care. We’d also like to thank our families for understanding how important we felt the work of Training Them live was and letting us give so much time and effort.

As part of our closure, we are delighted to showcase the talents of young local artists through the “Daryl Sessions” album, which will be available online in the near future.

Chris, Dan, Gwen, Wol, Tom & Rob
The Directors
Training Them Live Ltd

All enquiries to dan@trainingthemlive.co.uk